What does music look like for each year group?

In each year group, the elements of music (including pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and timbre) are taught through a range of musical genres. Children learn through the core skills of singing, listening and composition.

See our Key Stage 2 Music curriculum overview below.

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KS2 Music Overview Download Preview

What is our approach to teaching music?

Units of work are often linked to topics and themes taught in a particular year group. Further, units of work are chosen by the music subject leader to ensure that each year group learns about music from different genres, cultures and periods of time.

How often is the subject taught in each year group?

Music is taught every week for one hour.

Who is responsible for teaching the subject?

Currently in Key Stage 1, music is delivered by NMPAT (Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust). In Key Stage 2, music is taught by class teachers.

How can more information be gathered?

Contact Mrs Pickering (music subject leader).