At Trinity our P.E lessons aim to develop the fitness, skills and game understanding of our pupils through a wide variety of games and disciplines such as football, rugby, dance, gymnastics, hockey, netball, basketball, athletics and more. In each year group children take part in a 6 week block of lessons around a particular focus, be that a game like football or a skill such as throwing and catching. This is coupled with our use of Real P.E, a catalogue of activities to develop the fundamentals of movement to ensure children are well grounded with both gross and fine motor skills. In KS1 children focus largely on skills with informal games used to capitalise on these, allowing the children to grasp these skills before moving on to formal sport. In KS2 sport begins to become more prominent, with each year group developing on the one before so that by year 6 children have an understanding of a variety of disciplines, including gymnastics.

Please see below for the curriculum maps, shown by term.

What is our approach to the teaching of physical education? 

In our P.E lessons we use a blend of games based skills along with those required for fundamental movements to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. We are in the process of launching a whole part whole lesson structure, which aims to give the children more understanding of how their development of skills impacts their performance in sport and games. This structure in simplest form is about keeping children moving at the beginning of a lesson, taking part in a game or competitive scenario before being taught a skill to enhance their performance and then competing again to see how they have developed.

How often is PE taught? 

In all year groups P.E is taught for 2 hours a week following government guidelines on keeping children active.

Who is responsible for the teaching of PE?

Across Early Years and Key Stage 1 P.E is solely taught by the class teacher, though on occasion the class teacher is supported by a coach. In Key Stage 2, one hour a week is taught by the class teacher and the other is taught by an external provider (Pacesetters).

Level 1 and 2 games...

In addition to our deep curriculum we also try and get the children involved in as much competitive sport as possible both inside and outside of school. In school we have a dedicated and child led sports crew which organises and delivers games to the children. So far they have already led a whole school tag rugby tournament between houses and a KS2 rounders’ and cricket tournament. Outside of school we aim to compete against other schools in a variety of different sports and disciplines. Last year some of our highlights were finishing 3rd in the cluster football tournament and finishing 8th in the Northampton County Swimming Gala. We are also proud to be a silver School Games Mark holding school, recognising our commitment to keeping children active. Please find below some examples of our child led activities!

How can you access further information? 

For more information on the P.E curriculum follow this link

For details about the Real P.E scheme visit this page

And for further details about the School Games visit this site