Prepared by FTS, as Parents - March 2016

The intake procedure for Reception year – how does it work?

Q When my child starts Reception at Trinity, will they be in school every day all day?

A Initially the children will receive a home visit to allow the teachers to see the child in a comfortable environment. During this time, there will also be an opportunity to discuss the curriculum in more detail. This will usually be in the first two days of the year. The children are then timetabled for a progressive start to school. This means that for the first two weeks, children attend only in the morning or the afternoon and for the third week the whole group attend all morning and stay for lunch. The week after this they start full time. You will be given the timetable in May/June when you receive the information pack.  

Pre-school may be able to assist with wrap around childcare, subject to pre-booking and space

Term Dates

Q What are the terms dates for this academic year and other key dates, like training days?

A The school website includes a list of term dates. School usually circulates a list of key dates in advance. Alternatively, look at the NCC website but do check training days with the school as these can sometimes change.


Q What is “KS1” and “KS2”?

A KS1 is “Key Stage 1” which is  Year 1 and Year 2.  “Key Stage 2” is Years 3 to Year 6. Reception is part of the “Foundation Stage”.

Q What does “FTS” stand for?

A FTS is an abbreviation for Friends of Trinity School, to which all School families are automatically members. It is another name for a PTA as it might be called at other settings.


Q Where can I get uniform from?

A Uniform is available via PMG school wear.  Order well before the start of term! Please don’t forget to label everything!

Q Is “pre loved” uniform available?

A Yes, “pre loved” uniform is available at a nominal charge from FTS. Please ask at reception for more details.

Guidelines on Awards

Q How does a pupil achieve star points?

A  Star points are awarded by Staff for outstanding work/behaviour.

Q What are the other awards available at School?

A The Always Club Award is awarded termly to a child in each class that always tries their very best.  Awards are also given to children who take part in school sporting events.

Q What is the lunchtime award?

A The lunchtime award is an award for good behaviour at lunchtime.  This is determined by the Year 4 pupils.

Q Can I attend Celebration Assembly?

A All are welcome to attend a Celebration Assembly. These are typically at 08:55 on Fridays, although end of term Celebration Assembly may sometimes vary.  Younger siblings may attend these assemblies but it is appreciated if they can be kept as quiet as possible so that everyone can enjoy the assembly.  If your child has won an award, Parents are usually notified by text in advance.


Q How is my child assessed with reading?

A By being listened to in class by the teacher and teaching assistant. Class teachers also use an assessment system similar to how they assess writing and mathematics. This is regularly updated and adapted as necessary.

Q If I think that my child needs to change levels, how should I make the teacher aware?

A Approach your child’s teacher or make a note in the reading record.

Q Can children read their own books and still count as 5 times a week?

A It is important that children experience the joy of reading and the children are encourage to read as much as possible. So long as it has been recorded in the reading record it will count towards the ‘5 times a week’ and the children will be rewarded with a star point for their commitment to reading.

School Meals

Q How do I arrange school meals for my child?

A  School meals are provided for KS1, free of charge. However all meals will still need to be booked through Love Food, otherwise your child will not be catered for. For KS2, there is a charge and again all meals need to be booked via Love Food. You will be sent the menu for the term at the end of the term before and this is also displayed on the schools website at

Meals can be ordered in paper form and sent into the school office or they can also be ordered by emailing Love Food at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  You can pay by sending cash in the envelope provided or by sending a bank transfer to Love Food. You will find details of how to do this on the menu too.

All meals are prepared by an external provider, Love Food. They are also able to cater for special diets.

Snacks for Key Stage 2

Q Do I need to provide “extra food or snacks”?

A Fruit is provided for Key Stage 1 but not for Key Stage 2 children.  If you would like your child(ren) in Key Stage 2 to have a fruit snack then please supply from home.


Q Is milk provided for the children at school?

A Up to the age of 5 children are entitled to free milk. This is provided by ‘Cool Milk’: You will be provided with the details when your child starts school. Once your child reaches the age of 5 you can choose to pay so that your child continues to receive milk. This can be done via the cool milk website.

Buddy System

Q What is the buddy system in operation at the School?

A A pupil from Year 4 is “assigned” to a pupil in Reception to look after the Reception child and to ensure that they have friends to play with.

Children and Responsibility

Q How does the school prepare its older children to take responsibility in preparation for the transmission to big school?

A Responsibilities are given to different year groups, for example, Year 4 have responsibilities as a Buddy to a Year R pupil and Year 4 pupils award the “lunchtime” awards which is an award for good behaviour or manners at lunchtime.


Q What are “residentials” and when do they take place?

A Residentials are when the children have an enriching educational visit which requires one or more overnight stays.  Recently, these have taken place in Year 3 and 4 and as the school grows, the staff will consider adding another for upper key stage 2.

Extra Curricular activities

Q What after school clubs are run by the school/external companies?

A  A variety of after school clubs such as film club, art and craft, cooking, photography, games and sports based clubs are provided throughout the year by staff and external companies

Q Some clubs are only available to particular year groups, why is that?

A The clubs are provided to the most appropriate age ranges.

Q What is the before and after school provision available at Trinity?

A The school provides before and after school provision in which the children are able to partake in a variety of activities 5 days a week. Many children attend this club willingly as they really enjoy the activities that are on offer. Our before school club starts from 8am and runs until 8:45. Our after school provision runs from 3pm to 5.30pm.

Payment for this is through virtual credits. Essentially, you buy a number of credits and use them as you access the provision. You will be sent a weekly statement of how many credits you have left to use in your account. Breakfast club credits and after school credits must be bought separately. Visit the school website at for further information.

Q Are music lessons available for my child?

A Music lessons are available for woodwind, guitar and violin.

Q What is the” Cluster Athletics” at another school? Is this compulsory?

A Cluster Athletics is when children from all the schools in the local area meet for a variety of competitive sporting activities.  It is not compulsory but there are fantastic events for the children to take part in and meet children from other schools.

Q Are swimming lessons available?

A Swimming is part of the National Curriculum and lessons are provided for Years 3 and 4 (until they can swim 25 metres) for one term (10-12 weeks). We use the local swimming pool in Oundle.

School Trips

Q Do the children have school trips and what is the frequency of these?

A We aim to have a school trip in each big term (3 times a year) in order to enrich the children’s experience in their topic learning.

Q Do I have to pay towards the cost of these, is there an estimate of costs to help me budget?

A The school will ask for a voluntary donation to cover the costs of these trips. Prices will vary depending on the trip.

Parents in school

Q What events should I attend as a parent?

A The School has a busy social calendar and all are welcome to attend. Sports Day, Easter Bonnet Parade, Summer Fair, Class Assemblies, Celebration Assemblies, End of Term Assemblies, Stay & Shares. All welcome. There are certain guidelines regarding younger and older siblings but these are typically shared prior to the event.

Q Who should attend the school picnics at the end of term?

A All parents/grandparents, siblings and careers are welcome to attend.

Q What is Stay & Share?

A This is when parents/careers are invited in to their children’s class to partake in a variety of class based activities.

Q Does the School have Parents Evenings and reports?

A The school has two Parents evenings and reports are sent out once a year.

Q What are the parking/travel arrangements for getting to and from school?

A We are aware that parking at peak times (pick-up and drop off times) can be an issue. We have many families travelling from surrounding villages in their cars. Therefore we encourage as many children as possible to use the bus services that are provided if you are able to:

For more information on how to use the bus service, please contact our school office.

The school also operate a drop off zone. This is a bay outside of the school, next to the yellow zig-zag lines which is supervised by an adult between 8:35 and 8:45.

The school encourage you to use it if you are driving to school in order to reduce the amount of congestion in the village. Simply, drive into the drop off zone, say goodbye to your child, allow them to alight the car and drive away.

Q How much homework will my child get and to what timelines?

A Weekly homework will be given and generally the children are given the week to complete it.

Q How do I join FTS?

A Everyone is a member of the Friends of Trinity School and all help is welcome.  FTS runs various fundraising events throughout the year and that fundraising goes back into school to benefit all the children.  You are welcome to join the committee, come to the meetings, attend events, help at events and even bake a cake.

There are lots of ways you can help. Speak to a member of FTS or check out the latest newsletter.

Q Where can I get information on about the School and School events?

A Visit our Facebook page, the school’s blog and website for up to date information.

Q Are photographs taken at school?

A Tempest photography comes into school twice a year to photograph the children and the classes. These photos are available to purchase.
Christmas at Trinity

Q What events occur at Trinity at Christmas time?

A Reception and Year 1 perform a Nativity, for which there is a daytime and early evening performance.  The FTS arrange a school Christmas meal and a visit from Santa. The whole school attends a local pantomime. There is also a Carol Service for the older children to perform in held at St Peter’s. FTS typically raffle a Christmas hamper and a Christmas hamper is donated to a voted for local charity.