Ofsted Report

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Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) 

As a Church of England school, we are also inspected under section 48 which reviews our effectiveness within 4 key questions. Please find our most recent inspection report in the sidebar of the page.

School Comparison

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If you are a parent of a child at our school, we encourage you to complete the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire at any time. Please click here in order to access it.  

However, we do pride ourselves on the good working relationship we have ith our parents and we regularly ask for their opinions or feedback on initiatives. In January 2016 we asked questions 'Ofsted Parent View' style questions along with a few others. The results were very pleasing and were as follows: 

We had responses from parents and carers representing approximately 63% of the children in the school which gives us a statistically strong sample of opinions with a fairly even spread across all year groups.  This is particularly important for balancing opinions across key stages and staff members so that we don’t encounter skewed results.

The following bullet points summarise the responses.

Great News Headlines!

  • 100% said that their child is happy at school.
  • 100% said that their child feels safe at school.
  • 98.5% feel that their child is well taught by the Trinity teaching staff.
  • 98.5% would recommend Trinity to other parents.
  • 98.5% feel that Trinity has responded well to concerns raised.
  • 96.9% feel that their child is making good progress at Trinity.
  • 92.4% think the school is well led and managed. The rest of the respondents ‘do not know’.
  • 90.9% believe that staff ensure all pupils are well behaved. The rest of the respondents ‘do not know’.

However, we would like to be even better. Therefore, we have identified the following next steps:

  • To understand a little more as to why 12.5% of parents feel that their child does not receive appropriate homework.
  • As 9.1% of parents feel that they do not receive valuable information about their child’s progress, we would like to understand what information you find useful and what could be done to make this even better
  • 65.2% of parents feel the website is a useful resource, but the other 31.8% do not use it regularly. We would like to understand what would make our website more useful so that more people find it a useful resource that they can use regularly for information.
  • As 33.3% of parents do not know if bullying is dealt with effectively, we need to investigate whether this is due to a lack of communication or whether this is due to it not being applicable as the children have not been involved in any incidents.

Some comments given from parents:

“I have just looked at the website and it is very informative! I will look at it more regularly.”

“Since September I have noticed my child’s progress move swiftly and feel that they are being stimulated and encouraged well and is even happier than I have seen her in school before.”

“To be honest the reason I don't visit the school website is I am already very well informed via emails, letters in book bags, notices on boards and the odd text. I've not thought to check the website.”

“My child likes the new school dinner provision”

“Our children are so happy at Trinity School and we are delighted with the school and staff!”

“It continues to be a great school - Thank you.”

“My child loves attending school.  They enjoy learning and is very enthusiastic with homework… I would like to thank the teachers, head teachers and governors over the years for making Trinity such a fun place to learn whilst instilling respect and values to the pupils.”