At TRINITY C.E Primary School, the values that everyone adheres to, including children, staff and visitors, are shown in our new model:

Trinity Values

We reviewed these values in November 2015. We expect all staff, children and visitors to always behave in a way that shows our values. We are a very strong community who show huge amounts of respect to each and every person that we work with, play with or even meet for the first time. Our Christian faith guides our decisions and attitudes but when we come across something challenging for us, we will always persevere and try our very best. We are friends to everyone in our school family as we learn together, help one another and know we always have someone to turn to when needed. We know we all have rights, such as to feel safe at all times, but with that we take responsibility for our own actions. Finally, and most of all, we are charitable - that is we care, we are giving, we are thoughtful and love one another.


British Values Statement

Please follow this link to our British Values statement to find out how we promote the British Values at Trinity.