What does French look like for each year group?

Each year group is taught using the Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work. All children have the opportunity to listen to, read and speak French throughout each lesson and in Years 5 and 6 children are encouraged to begin writing simple phrases and sentences in French.

New vocabulary and grammatical rules are taught throughout the scheme of work and these become increasingly complex as the children get older.

What is our approach to teaching French?

The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work is closely followed, with adaptations made to suit each year group and some individual children. New vocabulary is regularly repeated and revisited throughout the scheme of work.

Listening opportunities are provided by recordings of native speakers and songs and the children see examples of French stories and books throughout the scheme.

Children are assessed at the end of each term using a range of “can do” statements, based upon what they have learnt. Children also have the opportunity to self-assess their own learning to demonstrate their own understanding of the language.

How often is the subject taught in each year group?

1 hour per week for each year group. Extra 5-10 minute activities are also available for teaching staff to provide extra practise of work covered in each session.

Who is responsible for teaching the subject?

Mrs. Kate Freeman

How can more information be gathered if required?

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