Year 4

  • A big thank you to FTS who provided our Christmas dinner once again this year. Now that our school has grown, FTS were cooking for more people than ever before but they provided to an exceptional standrd once again! Thank you very much! 

  • On Wednesday 7th March, when the year 4 class returned from assembly, they discovered that their classroom had been wrecked by a dragon!

    After some research into the Viking runes that were carved into a board and left behind, the children created news reports about this astonishing event.

    Don't miss the CCTV footage!

  • To show our appreciation to our mothers, we have recorded a song for you! We hope you enjoy it! 

  • Science in Year 4 this term is all about Sound. We have been investigating how sound is made and how sounds can be changed. It has been quite noisy in our classroom as we have been testing out different percussion instruments to see if we can change the pitch. The children have been able to explain how sound reaches our ears, using some fantastic scientific language and some children can even explain what happens inside our ears!

  • We have had great fun across the school today (14/10/16). We have been in mixed up year groups for the morning, rotating around the school to experience a variety of mathematical problems and investigations with different teachers. This afternoon we have been back in our own classes linking mathematics with the arts. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the day and the teachers have been very impressed with how the children have worked together and supported one another.


  • In RE, Y4 have been learning about the 5 pillars of Islam and on Friday 11th November they were learning about the pilgrimage that Muslims make for Hajj in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.  They listened to how the religious activities the Muslims performed in Hajj are closely related to the story of Ibrahim p.b.u.h. (Abraham) as well as the prophet Mohamed p.b.u.h.

    *pbuh. = Peace be upon him. Respect that Muslims give to their prophets.

    In ICT, Y4 looked at binary code and started to examine how information is stored in databases. They have begun to sort images of piglets into categories and discovered how this helps with filtering information.

  • On Friday 11th November, our whole school, children and staff, paid their respects to the people who have died in previous wars by holding a 2 minutes silence. We gathered in the hall together and watched, on BBC, the many people around the country who also were paying their respects. To finish, we listened to the poem 'Lest We Forget' as we said our prayers. 

    As a school we have also raised a tremendous amount of money on the sale of our poppies and other poppy items. Total to be confirmed later next week. Thank you for your support. 

  • Image result for st nicholas church islip northamptonshire


    A huge thank you to all the members of the choir (and their parents) for your performances in the wider community this weekend.


    Aldwincle Pre-school Christmas Shopping event

    On Saturday 3rd December, the school choir sang carols to support the Aldwincle Pre-school Christmas Shopping event.


    St Nicholas Church, Islip

    On Sunday 4th December, the choir sang as part of a wonderful service to celebrate St Nicholas Day.  Thank you to Rev. Nolan Robson and the congregation at St Nicholas Church, Islip for making us feel so welcome.

  • Tag Rugby

    Year 3 and 4 had tag rugby on Monday 5th ofYear 3 and 4 had tag rugby on Monday 5th of February. This was to support their level 1 games competitions and to get everyone involved in school sport. They all enjoyed it and Jack said that it was fun and exciting. They were put into their house teams- Cedar, Willow, Ash and Oak- and played around 6 games of tag rugby. Our sports crew, were the people who organised this event and did an amazing job. Year 5 and 6 and KS1 were supposed to do it as well, but it was too wet on the field, so it has been rescheduled until after half term.

    On the playground, they were playing lots of different skill activities with each other. Sophie and Connor in year 5, were the monitors of these activities.George in year 4 said: “It was one of the best school activities that he has ever took part in and it was amazing!” Lots of other children said that they would definitely want to do something like that again.


    IMG 1188IMG 1189IMG 1190IMG 1191IMG 1192IMG 1193IMG 1194IMG 1195IMG 1196IMG 1198IMG 1199IMG 1200IMG 1204IMG 1205IMG 1206IMG 1208IMG 1207IMG 1209

    led until after half term.

  • Today, Year 4 have been showing travelling sequences using PE apparatus. The class have become efficient at laying out the apparatus frame and climbing in, out, up, down and through it. The photos show a few students that were showing their final sequence. 



  • Today, Y4 were visited by Rector of Aldwincle, Canon Jim Mynors and Elim (Pentecostal) minister Reverend Elaine Roberts from Clopton.  

    Children learnt about the important event of Pentecost in Christianity and how this event brought the holy spirit to the people.  They reviewed their knowledge of the cross and the Trinity, did some bible reading and using props they experienced what the event may have felt like. We were all surprised to discover two people from Aldwincle helped to spread Christianity to the far off island of Tahiti more than 200 years ago.   


    Bible readingTrinityCross symbolism 1Holy flame1Holy flame2Pentecost holy spiritSignificance of cross1Significance of cross2

    Cross symbolism

  • Today Y4 braved the freezing cold weather and played some invasion games in outdoor PE.  They invented their own games, rules and penalties with the equipment given.

     Outdoor PE Invasive games1

    Outdoor PE Invasive games2

  • Well done to all the children in years 3 and 4. The hard work that you put into your class assemblies has really paid off as we have seen 2 fantastic performances. Watch out hollywood as there are clearly some very talented actors and actresses in Trinity School!

    Also a big thankyou to parents and carers for helping the children learn their lines, put costumes together and coming to watch the performances, we hope you enjoyed them!


  • After our discovery of a mysterious dragon egg on the field this morning, some of the children in year 4 created a sketch of a dragon's eye. We learned about the different types of sketching pencil and how we can use shading to improve our drawing. We also learned how to persevere and not give up when it gets tricky!


    They look fabulous! Well done! 

  • This week in RE we have been looking at how Muslims pray. We explored different Islamic prayer artefacts and predicted what they might be used for, before watching a video where a Muslim child explained about prayer in Islam. Can you remember what the different artefacts are and what they are used for?

  • This afternoon, the year 4 classroom became a Cinema for the world premiere of our rainforest documentary. A huge thankyou to the parents and carers who came in to share this experience with the children, I hope they shared a bit of their chocolate bars with you in return!

    The video will be soon be uploaded to the blog for all to see!

    Well done everyone!

    Mr Cole

  • In science this week year 4 had great fun learning about the 3 states of matter. First they worked in groups to discuss and sort materials into either solids, liquids or gases. Then we went outside to act out how the particles were arranged in each of the states. Can you guess from the pictures which is which?


  • York Residential

                               From a Childs point of view  

    On the 26th of April Y4 went over to York for a school trip. We went with Warmington and

    Titchmarsh. During the bus journey we stopped and had a snack followed by a short play.

    When we got there we walked to Huntington house and unloaded our bags and decided who would sleep where. Then we went over to the

    National History Museum. Where there was a walk though a Victorian street full of Victorian shops with people telling us information about what it used to be like in them days. There was also other rooms telling us about other times in the past. All of it was great! There was also a nice shop where some of us bought a souvenir.

    On Thursday  first we went to dig were we met a woman who moved us  up to the classroom and told us about the Vikings and there medical treatment also a  bit about what there life was like. After that we stopped for a short snack in the lunch room and then wandered down stairs to do some digging  we met a man who started an activity with us. 

    Emma said: “Every one was really kind and the museums were so interesting

    Henry RJ said: “the dig was the best bit

    Then we went to the National railway museum and saw a lot of trains.


  • On Wednesday 12th October, we enjoyed a visit from the Devereux family during our collective worship time, who came in to tell us about the Jewish  celebration of Yom Kippur. The name "Yom Kippur" means "Day of Atonement,". It is a day set aside to "afflict the soul," to atone for the sins of the past year. Jews believe that this day is, essentially, your last appeal, your last chance to be entered into the book of life for the next year, to demonstrate your repentance and make amends. As part of this they told us that, at this time, Jews like to ‘throw’ their sins into flowing water where fish are because fish always have their eyes open and that symbolises God who is always watching. Jews would empty their pockets at this time of something such as stones to symbolise their sins. We had a go at modelling this by using marshmallows as our sins and edible fish on a paper plate. This was a very interesting talk and we thank the Devereux family for giving up their time for us.