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  • Carol Services!

    On Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th December, Trinity had their fantastic carol service. All the year 6 students read a part of the Christmas story. We had the vicar, Reverend Jim, accompanying us.

    At 6:00 on both evenings, the children and parents got ready to start. Emily started it off on the Tuesday and Alta started it off on the Wednesday. We then sang a carol that included the adults. We then had the second reading that was done by Isabella about the angel Gabriel telling Mary that she was going to give birth to Jesus. 

    After plenty of songs, readings and poems, Reverend Jim told us about the Christingle and what the parts of it represented. After, we sang a song called Hope of Heaven which was based on Christingles.  We had the last reading about the Christmas Story read by Mrs Freeman on the Tuesday and Mrs Brawn on the Wednesday. Then we had the last Christmas carol which was O’come all ye Faithful.

    For the last bit of the Carol Service, we drew the raffle and Paige won a big hamper. Everyone enjoyed the Services and can’t wait for next year. But sadly, this was the last Carol Service for Year 6. 


    Year 5 assembly

    On Thursday 8th of December Year 5 had their class assembly. It was about ancient Egypt. They made canopic jars and cartouches and showed these to all of the parents watching. They talked us through the food egytians would eat and what a day in their lives might be like. Following this the Year 5 children opened their own museum to show the artifacts they had created.

    Mr Burrows was really proud with their work and voices.


    Y5 science morning!

    On Wednesday 7th December year 5 had a science morning. Mr Hunt taught them about how to make ice cream, how to wash their hands properly so you don’t get any bugs. The children made ice cream with dry ice, custard, cream, vanilla flavouring and icing sugar. First they put custard, cream, icing sugar and vanilla all in a bowl and mixed them all together. Then they sieved the dry ice and mixed it again.               

  • Candlemas


    They made their own candles and then Emily went up to receive the candle for the school to have in the hall.

    Oundle schools did a play about Jesus being born. As the they came into the church they got given a biscuit and drink.

    Year 4 went on a trip to Oundle to celebrate that Jesus is the light of the world. They went to the church to receive a candle for the school. This takes place every year around February for the year 4’s only.

    They talked about darkness and how they felt in it. Three schools went up to show their posters. They then did the same but with lightness.




  • Children in need

    Children in need is where you/your child can come to school spotty. To dress spotty you have to bring in £1. That pound goes to all the children in need.

    You can come in anything spotty:

    • Spotty shirt
    • Spotty trousers
    • Spotty hair bands/bobbles
    • Maybe even spotty hair (ask adult first)

    This is an interview with Mr Burrows:

    What will happen: There will be tea and cakes to buy you can come in non-uniform.

    Will any thing happen during school: Each class will do separate things in the afternoon.

    Why do we do it: It’s good, and raises money for charity.


    Year 6 Flag Fen

    On the 4th November year 6 was looking forward to their Flag Fen trip at 9:00. As they arrived at their destination they couldn’t wait to get started.

    Their tremendous tour guides - Alex and Andrea – set them a challenge to make a time line and sort out some artefacts. We had to put them in the correct trays.

    Once we had finished, we made our way towards the clay room. On the way we saw some Soya sheep. These were the types of sheep that were around in the Stone Age time. When we all had got into the clay room, we made our own clay pots in a Stone Age way. We decorated them with various items. They all looked fantastic.

    After minutes of working on our pots, we had all finished and went back for lunch.

    When we had finished lunch we had a quick look around the museum and we had our tour. First we saw a roman road and a model of a Stone Age boat that we all got to sit in. We were very lucky as we were able to see one of the real life Stone Age boats which is normally covered up in some sort of foil to preserve it.

    There was also another artefact that they were preserving. This was part of the 1km bridge that the clever people built. We were all amazed that it was still here today. They said that the bridge would disappear into dust.

    Finally, year 6 came to their last artefact. It was a re-built Roundhouse that we entered. We all listened to a story and wished on a sword. It was a myth that if you wished on it, the wish would come true.

    We all enjoyed a fabulous day at Flag Fen and we all wanted to go again.  


    Written by our Media Correspondent Team 




  •  cyberbullying image

    This week is anti-bullying week so we are going to tell you a bit about cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is wrong and people could be really hurt by it. It is when offensive people damage people's feelings and self-esteem online, making them feel insignificant and unimportant.

    People could do it anywhere e.g. phones, laptops, ipads, computers and even on games consoles.

    Top tips to stop cyberbullying!

    1. Don't respond or it could get worse.

    2. Block the bully so they don't keep on doing it.

    3. Save the evidence by printing it out or taking a screenshot.

    4. Report them on the website before they do it to someone else.

    5. Tell an adult you trust about it like your parents or your teacher.


    From your Trinity Media Correspondents



    Welcome back Trinity! All the staff and students come back to Trinity for a fresh start in the year 2016-2017. Not only do we have everyone coming back, we have new year R, our first year 6 as well as new people joining our community. We are extremely excited as this is our first ever year as being a primary school. Unfortunately, Cathy Brazier has left for another vicar job in Barnwell but we all wish her luck. To replace her we have now got Revron Minus.

    Year R First Reading Book

    Exciting news! Year R got their first reading book on the Tuesday 6th   October. Their teachers (Mrs Wood and Mrs Gibson) and Teacher Assistant (Mrs Clipston) are very proud of what they have accomplished. Autum, Leanard, George and Issy are all excited about it and couldn’t wait to start reading.

    Maths Day

    Last Friday, KS2 had a maths day. We split into our house teams and went to different classes to solve maths problems. People say that they enjoyed it a lot but there was room for improvements. Holly Lowe, Hannah Wilson, Jasmine Abraham and Kiera Hunt all suggested that the school should definitely do it again.

     School Trips

    At Trinity, so far we have had our first school trip of the year by year 2. They went to Barnwell Park as there Science theme is habitats. They went pond dipping and then caught bugs in the long grass with nets. Ruby Miles says that it was fun and exciting. Also year 6 is going to flag fen on the 4th November. Year 6 found out that they are going to wales for their residential. Everyone is very excited.

    New building is finished

    Since we are now a full primary, we need more space. So finally the hall has been extended, the new classrooms have been built and the mobiles have been removed. The school has been extended!!! Now the new classrooms have been finished everyone is in a different place.

    New teachers

    We have got more teachers because we have more classrooms. Here are the teachers:

    YR-Mrs Gibson/Mrs Wood

    Y1- Miss Willson

    Y2-Mrs Hood

    Y3-Mr Marshall

    Y4-Mrs Freeman/Ms Prasad

    Y5-Mr Burrows

    Y6-Mrs Pickering

    Here are some quotes from the newest teachers:


    Miss Willson” It’s a very friendly school and the staff are nice too.”

    Mrs Prasad” The children are creative with their sentences.”

    Mrs Bonsor (French)” They are very well behaved.”


    New children

    Along with teachers there are new teachers there are new children the newest is one in year6 (Jamie) and one in year5 (Luke).

    Here is what Luke said about his new school:

    Q: How did they welcome you ?

    A: I had a warm welcome.

    Q: Do you like your class?

    A: Yes its good.

    Q: How are the teachers?

    A: I like them a lot.

    New things

    We have a couple of new awards.

    There is the WOW writers, where if you do good writing it will be put in a book at the front of the school. Anyone who comes in will hopefully look at it.

    There is also the jigsaw award, this is where if you follow the jigsaw or class charter you will get an award that will be put on display.

  • Dear Parents and Carers,


    We would like to inform you that you will shortly be receiving a letter explaining about E-safety inside and outside of school.

    Please read through the acceptable use policy with your child/children and ensure they thoroughly understand their responsibilities.

    Once you have completed the above, please sign and return the parent copy of the acceptable use policy, and get your child to sign the KS2 version and return these to the school as soon as possible.


    Yours Sincerely,


    Trinity Media Correspondents


    (Logan D, Hannah W, Courtney G, Elizabeth E, Rhys A, Maisie A and Mr Cole)

  • Trinity’s trip to the theatre

    On the Thursday 14th December, Trinity went on a trip to the Peterborough theatre to see Dick Whittington. All were excited and before we went, Logan said that he was excited and couldn’t wait for it. We had to have 2 double decker busses and filled them to the brim.

    Once we had got there, we found our seats and it wasn’t long before the show started. The characters were: Dick, Alice, Alice’s dad (Alderman), Jack (idol Jack), Sarah (Jack’s mum), Uncle Billy, the rats, King rat, Fairy B, Tommy, the band and background dancers. They all acted out their parts really well and everyone loved it and were very well behaved.  

    After an hour, the children had ice-cream as it was the interval. Every one enjoyed it, then the interval finished and the second half of the show began. This was about the navy and how Dick and Tommy disguised themselves so the family wouldn’t see them as they kicked them out. Then, Dick asked to marry Alice and she said yes, but there was also another marriage with Sarah and Alderman.

    These then got married and all lived a happy life forever more. People say that it was the bet pantomime that they went to as a whole school. We were all extremely impressed with the show and Hannah said that she really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next school pantomime. Some Year 6 students are upset that this is the last one for them but they are glad that it was a good one. 

    KS1 Nativity!

    On 13th December, KS1 performed their nativity dress rehearsal to KS2. Personally, I think it was really good, especially the Year Rs since it was their first time. They danced really well and they were good at progecting their voices. Even though it was a shorter distance, they still did very well.

    Then, on the 14th December, they had their first performance in front of the parents in the morning. Then in the evening they were filmed for the first time. Thanks to Nick Dean on camera and his assistant Caroline Ellis.

    All of the children loved their face paint and costumes. Mrs Wilson said “The children were fantastic and had loud and clear voices. They were all excited about performing in front of the adults and I was amazed at how well they remembered what to do.”

    Mrs Wood said “The children were really well behaved” All the children enjoyed it and did it so well.  

  • Tag Rugby

    Year 3 and 4 had tag rugby on Monday 5th ofYear 3 and 4 had tag rugby on Monday 5th of February. This was to support their level 1 games competitions and to get everyone involved in school sport. They all enjoyed it and Jack said that it was fun and exciting. They were put into their house teams- Cedar, Willow, Ash and Oak- and played around 6 games of tag rugby. Our sports crew, were the people who organised this event and did an amazing job. Year 5 and 6 and KS1 were supposed to do it as well, but it was too wet on the field, so it has been rescheduled until after half term.

    On the playground, they were playing lots of different skill activities with each other. Sophie and Connor in year 5, were the monitors of these activities.George in year 4 said: “It was one of the best school activities that he has ever took part in and it was amazing!” Lots of other children said that they would definitely want to do something like that again.


    IMG 1188IMG 1189IMG 1190IMG 1191IMG 1192IMG 1193IMG 1194IMG 1195IMG 1196IMG 1198IMG 1199IMG 1200IMG 1204IMG 1205IMG 1206IMG 1208IMG 1207IMG 1209

    led until after half term.

  • {jcomments on}

    Year 4 off to York

    On Wednesday the year 4’s went to York.

    The activities they will be doing will be: The Dig, York Minster, Natural History Museum and

     The Train Museum

    They will be returning on the 28/4/17 at 5:30


  • Y1 & Y2 TAG RUGBY

    On Monday, sports crew held a tag rugby tournament involving skill games and outdoor matches. This was led by sports crew with some support from Mr Marshall.

    Y1 & Y2 split up into their house teams. Group 1 and group 2   did the indoor skill games first. Group 1 did bulldog with a twist that was led by Connor while Group 2 did a relay race led by Eleanor.

    We interviewed Mr Marshall who helped sports crew, he said:

    We did four indoor skill activities and I think the sports crew did well. We are thinking to do a cricket or football tournament. Also, in around 2 weeks we are doing a netball tournament for year 6’s and some year 5’s.

    We interviewed Sophie from sports crew and she said:

    Sophie said she enjoyed knowing that younger children like and enjoy sports.

    We interviewed Alexzander and he said: he liked passing to his mates and other people in the event

    We interviewed Annabelle and she said: she enjoyed all of it because she liked playing sports with her friend’s.

  • Year 1’s class assembly!

    This week on Thursday year 1 did an amazing class assembly, they based it around the carnival of the animals. They acted out different types of jungle animals and did a fantastic job of it. They acted out and read poems about the chimpanzee, the Zebra, the Lion and its cubs, the tiger, the hippopotamus, the elephant, the crocodile and the Giraffe. They made some incredible art work that they shared with everyone. At the end year 1 sang a song about the jungle animals, it was called the boogie.

  • York Residential

                               From a Childs point of view  

    On the 26th of April Y4 went over to York for a school trip. We went with Warmington and

    Titchmarsh. During the bus journey we stopped and had a snack followed by a short play.

    When we got there we walked to Huntington house and unloaded our bags and decided who would sleep where. Then we went over to the

    National History Museum. Where there was a walk though a Victorian street full of Victorian shops with people telling us information about what it used to be like in them days. There was also other rooms telling us about other times in the past. All of it was great! There was also a nice shop where some of us bought a souvenir.

    On Thursday  first we went to dig were we met a woman who moved us  up to the classroom and told us about the Vikings and there medical treatment also a  bit about what there life was like. After that we stopped for a short snack in the lunch room and then wandered down stairs to do some digging  we met a man who started an activity with us. 

    Emma said: “Every one was really kind and the museums were so interesting

    Henry RJ said: “the dig was the best bit

    Then we went to the National railway museum and saw a lot of trains.


  • YEAR 5 & 6 TAG RUGBY

    On Tuesday the 28th of February, Year 5 & 6 had a tag rugby tournament ran by sports crew. Sadly, it was cut of 10mins early, dew to the sudden temperature drop.

    Firstly, Oak and Willow had a match out on the playground (ran by Sophie and Max) while Cedar and Ash did skills in the school hall (ran by Conner, Neven, Katy and Eleanor). Then all the houses swapped to do a different thing.

    Inside Conner ran a successful game of bull dog and many people found it the best inside game for a cold day. On the other side of the hall Katy and Eleanor ran a passing game to encourage team work as well as better skills.

    Each house played against each other in a great game of tag rugby out on the play ground but in the end it got to cold.

     We asked Year 5 and 6 what they thought about the afternoon . This is what we got!

    Millie Grace: It was fun but cold.

    Amber: Sports crew handled it well.

    Millie: I enjoyed it.   

  • Year 6 Fundraiser

    On Tuesday the 6th year 6 set up a fundraiser for Christian aid and Islamic relief . Overall  with all the stalls and the refreshments they raised £132 so £66 wet to each charity .The refreshments ,that were made  year 6  , were :


    *sausage rolls



    Some of the stalls were : hook the hoop,

    Guess how many skittles in the jar, chocolate tombola and many more.