Welcome to Rome Class

Our class name is Rome and throughout the school year the children will have the opportunity to learn more about this capital city. 


Introduction to class teacher and supporting adults  

Welcome to Reception! Our Early Years Foundation Stage team consists of Mrs Pickup who teaches the children on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Mrs Gibson teaches the children on a Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Our class has the support of a full time Teaching Assistant, Mrs Clipston, who works in partnership with Mrs Pickup and Mrs Gibson.   

Our main focus in the EYFS is to provide a stimulating and enjoyable teaching and learning environment. This class is part of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). One of our main aims is for children to settle happily and to develop their personal and social skills encouraging independence and responsibility.  



Children have the opportunity to access lots of physical activities within the reception setting. We will start additional PE lessons next term, which will take place on a Tuesday morning or a Thursday afternoon depending upon availability of the hall. Please send children with their PE kits next term, they can stay in school for the term and will be sent home every school holiday.  


Parent Invite Days 

Parents will be invited into our class to take part in activities with the children based on our topic that term. It is a chance for children to involve you in their work and show you around our classroom. These will take place on Tuesday 13th November and Thursday 16th May at 2 o’clock. 

Our class assembly will take place on Wednesday 8th May at 8.55am and all Reception’s parents are welcome. This is a chance for children to share their learning with you about our previous topic, which will be Space. 


Topics being studied throughout the year 

Term 1 – Settling In and Bears 

Term 2 – Ourselves 

Term 3 – Jungle and Pattern 

Term 4 – Space 

Term 5 – Under the Sea 

Term 6 – Fairy tales 


Class points  

In our school we are giving the class opportunities to collect class points. This is a valuable tool in promoting a team ethos and encouraging the children to work together to gain their points. We are giving ownership of the points to the children by allowing them as a class to decide their own reward once they have collected all of the points. To make it exciting for the children we will be collecting our points by using Mr and Mrs Potato head! Once they have put all of the pieces on them they will have been successful and will collect their reward, which the children have decided will be a trip to the local park this term. 



The children will each have their own reading book that will go home with them every night. We encourage children to read or be read to 5 times a week. This could be a bedtime story, reading a few pages from their school book or sharing their favourite books with an adult or sibling. We encourage parents to write a short comment to record when your child has read. Children will change their books on Tuesday and Friday and will read with an adult in class at least once a week. 

Children will also visit our school library once a week to choose a book that will be taken home to share. Our library day will be a Thursday when they will change their book. 

Children will also have a phonics book that can be kept in their book bags. This book will share the sounds they have been learning that week from their phonics lesson. Children can share the sound and actions with you and find objects that begin with the sound. It will also include the kinetic letters we have been learning to write and their sayings, which will allow children to share with you how we form our letters in writing. 


Useful links  

A useful link to help children remember the sounds we are learning in phonics are the jolly phonics songs. Follow the link below to play the songs. 


Number blocks