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This week, Year 4 have been creating models of Anglo-Saxon villages.They worked in groups to design their villages and buildings, thinking about what resources the Anglo-Saxons would need near their settlement.

We decided they would want to be close to:

  • A river so that they could collect water for washing, drinking and cooking, but not so close that it floods!
  • A forest so they could chop down trees for firewood and making buildings and tools.
  • An open space where they could grow crops and keep animals.

Some groups reseached and added some other features too!

Well done Year 4!

This month Trinity would like to teach others how to keep safe on the internet and social media.


'Dont give out personal information because people could use it to put you in danger, steal your identity or hack your devices and accounts.' A quote from media crew.


The information you should keep private is...

Date of birth 

Password or usernames

Phone numbers


Full name

Email addreses

Home & School addresses 

keep your imformation safe


Trinity Media Correspondents.

After our discovery of a mysterious dragon egg on the field this morning, some of the children in year 4 created a sketch of a dragon's eye. We learned about the different types of sketching pencil and how we can use shading to improve our drawing. We also learned how to persevere and not give up when it gets tricky!


They look fabulous! Well done! 

Yesterday a selection of coaches from Peterborough came to Trinity to deliver a taster session for a girls football club. This is to encourage more girls to enjoy football and see what the game has to offer as well as fostering a link between ourselves as a school and the football club. All of KS2 took part and were coached on dribbling, passing and had a fantastic game with each other. Many of the girls came in almost surprised at their enjoyment of the session and lots of letters for the club have gone out today! The club will run on Tuesdays from 3-4:15 with 25 spaces available. Please see below some of the images from the session!