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Over the last 2 weeks our Trinity sports crew have created and delivered a fantastic football tournament for Years 1-6. This year the sports crew is entirely run by the children, with them deciding on the sport and then finding ways to organise and present it to the school. 

There were 3 stages of the tournament, KS1, Y3/4 and Y5/6 competiting on different afternoons to try and take victory for their house teams! In the KS1 tournament some frantic games took place with the children all desperate to get on the ball and score. Oak managed to beat Willow 1-0 in the opening game, with Ash beating Cedar 1-0 in round 5, leaving them drawn on points going into the Y5/6 games.

For year 5/6 two tournaments took place, dodgeball in the hall and football on the playground, the points of which carried forward from KS1. Again some very competitive games with a 3-1 thriller between Cedar and Willow taking place along with some excellent play by Oak. Overall Willow took the Y5/6 tournament leading into a tight race for winning in the Y3/4 tournament. Again Oak played very well amassing a number of points during the tournament, with Willow again on their heels.  When all games were finished and points totalled, Oak came out the winners, with Willow in second place and Cedar and Ash drawn for third.

All the children showed brilliant attitudes in playing and were a credit to our sporting and school values, working excellently as a team to encourage one another. Again a huge thank you to sports crew, who ran all of this with very little input.

Below are some pictures from the tournaments.

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