• Carol Services!

    On Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th December, Trinity had their fantastic carol service. All the year 6 students read a part of the Christmas story. We had the vicar, Reverend Jim, accompanying us.

    At 6:00 on both evenings, the children and parents got ready to start. Emily started it off on the Tuesday and Alta started it off on the Wednesday. We then sang a carol that included the adults. We then had the second reading that was done by Isabella about the angel Gabriel telling Mary that she was going to give birth to Jesus. 

    After plenty of songs, readings and poems, Reverend Jim told us about the Christingle and what the parts of it represented. After, we sang a song called Hope of Heaven which was based on Christingles.  We had the last reading about the Christmas Story read by Mrs Freeman on the Tuesday and Mrs Brawn on the Wednesday. Then we had the last Christmas carol which was O’come all ye Faithful.

    For the last bit of the Carol Service, we drew the raffle and Paige won a big hamper. Everyone enjoyed the Services and can’t wait for next year. But sadly, this was the last Carol Service for Year 6. 


    Year 5 assembly

    On Thursday 8th of December Year 5 had their class assembly. It was about ancient Egypt. They made canopic jars and cartouches and showed these to all of the parents watching. They talked us through the food egytians would eat and what a day in their lives might be like. Following this the Year 5 children opened their own museum to show the artifacts they had created.

    Mr Burrows was really proud with their work and voices.


    Y5 science morning!

    On Wednesday 7th December year 5 had a science morning. Mr Hunt taught them about how to make ice cream, how to wash their hands properly so you don’t get any bugs. The children made ice cream with dry ice, custard, cream, vanilla flavouring and icing sugar. First they put custard, cream, icing sugar and vanilla all in a bowl and mixed them all together. Then they sieved the dry ice and mixed it again.               

  • Yesterday a selection of coaches from Peterborough came to Trinity to deliver a taster session for a girls football club. This is to encourage more girls to enjoy football and see what the game has to offer as well as fostering a link between ourselves as a school and the football club. All of KS2 took part and were coached on dribbling, passing and had a fantastic game with each other. Many of the girls came in almost surprised at their enjoyment of the session and lots of letters for the club have gone out today! The club will run on Tuesdays from 3-4:15 with 25 spaces available. Please see below some of the images from the session!

  • Last Wednesday the children from Trinity Y3 and Y4 took part in a sports hall athletics competition up at Prince William school. The children competed with over 16 teams on two days doing various events including the speed bounce, chest push, target throw, standing long jump and finally the 10x10m relay. The children were absolutely fantastic and pushed themselves hard to succeed, with both excellence and determination from our Olympic values on show! There were some truly massive jumps on the long jump and even a 7m long chest push which amazed the young leaders from Prince William. 

    Once again a huge thank you to the parents who supported us especially in the circumstances, these events could not happen without you.

    And of course a massive congratulations to all those who took part, you did yourselves and the school proud!

    Here are a selection of the photos from the competition for you to enjoy.

    Trinity Sportshall Athletics 1Trinity Sportshall Athletics 2Trinity Sportshall Athletics 3Trinity Sportshall Athletics 4Trinity Sportshall Athletics 5Trinity Sportshall Athletics 7