• Throughout the first month of this new year Trinity has been extremely busy with a whole host of sporting events which the children have taken part in!

    Firstly we had our first ever football county finals appearance having reached the final in the cluster tournament. The team did brilliantly to finish 5th overall, with improvements between every single game after a difficult start. Lot's of fantastic team work was displayed on a bitterly cold night at Kingswood academy!

    Following this on the Wednesday of the same week the Y3/4 children took their turn, competing in the indoor athletics cluster competition. All of the children tried extremely hard during the events and produced some excellent performances again finishing 5th overall.

    Finally after a successful taster session the KS2 girls football club has begun with 14 girls taking part in sessions led by coaches from Peterborough football club themselves. From first hand viewing the coaching looks fantastic and the girls are clearly enjoying it!

    Coming up: Y5/6 Netball, Gymnastics competiton @Corby.

    Please see below for some of the pictures from the events! 


  • Amazing athletics

    On the 25th January, year 5 and 6 went to Corby athletics and took part in several races and activities. Mr Dainty, Mr Marshall, Mr Burrows and Miss Hunt came with us to help support all of the children who took part.

    There were loads of other schools that took part in the competition like: Kingscliffe; Oundle and many others. These are some of the activities that were included: soft javelin, speed bounce, chest push, relay races, obstacle courses, long jump, triple jump and vertical jump.

    Each child took part in 3 or 4 activities and completed them well, and we were all proud of them as they persevered in the activities that they did. They came 7 out of 9 schools but did not go through to the second round. 


    IMG 1038IMG 1103IMG 1107IMG 1132IMG 1145

  • Once again this year our school descended upon Prince William School field to take part in the annual cross country races. The first impressive statistic is a huge 37 children attended this year so a huge thank you to all parents who enabled the children to take part. All of the children showed fantastic drive and determination in running their races, with Ellie finishing a very impressive 2nd in the KS1 race and several boys high finishers in the Year 4 race. There was also fantastic displays of friendship on show, with children helping each other to finish and refusing to run off, even with some children from another school. Despite the hills and in most cases very long distance all of the children did exeptionally well and finished at least one lap with our school value of perserverance in abundance.

    Thank you again for all of the support from the parents. These events can't happen without you and the children.


  • Yesterday a selection of coaches from Peterborough came to Trinity to deliver a taster session for a girls football club. This is to encourage more girls to enjoy football and see what the game has to offer as well as fostering a link between ourselves as a school and the football club. All of KS2 took part and were coached on dribbling, passing and had a fantastic game with each other. Many of the girls came in almost surprised at their enjoyment of the session and lots of letters for the club have gone out today! The club will run on Tuesdays from 3-4:15 with 25 spaces available. Please see below some of the images from the session!

  • Today for the first time our new gymnastics equipment has been out and in action which has led to lots of excitment from the pupils! We now have a vault and several performance tables along with a balance beam to really challenge all of our children to work at different heights and surfaces. This afternoon we have seen some fantastic vaulting work in our olympics club which the children really enjoyed and showed off some of their developing skills! The standard of gymnastics ability at the school is already very high so we hope with these additions we can really challenge our children to be their very best and try things they've never done before! Have a look at some of the pictures below to see the children in action

    !IMG 0529IMG 0531IMG 0533IMG 0535IMG 0536IMG 0539IMG 0543IMG 0544IMG 0545

  • On Tuesday 29th November 2016 Trinity took part in a sports hall based athletics competition based at Prince William School against several schools from around the cluster. Both Miss Wilson and Mr Dainty were incredibly impressed with the children whom attended. Many different sports were on show which some of the children had not encountered before yet they kept on going showing great perseverance in the process. The children showed fantastic teamwork and support during the relay event where their togetherness really shone. For most of the children this is their very first, of hopefully many, school games competitions so it was fantastic to see the amount of effort each and every one of them put in.

    Thank you to all of the parents who brought your children and supported Trinity at the competition, we couldn't do this kind of events without your support.

  • Trinity Year 5/ 6 Inter Hockey Tournament

    Year 5 and 6 competed in an interschool hockey tournament. After a term of hockey coaching within their PE lessons where the pupils learnt and improved skills such as dribbling, passing, tackling and tactical knowledge the pupils competed within a round robin style tournament within 8 teams.

    The group was split into two tournaments with four teams in each. Both tournaments were competed in a competitive and respectful manner with many pupils showing excellent sportsmanship.

    Tournament 1. Results

    Red 4 vs 1 Blue (Ed) (Reece, Conor x3)

    Mixed 2 vs 2 Green (Sophie x2) (Millie G x2)

    Red 2 vs 0  Green (Finn, Reece)

    Blue 2 vs 0 Mixed (Dan x2)

    Blue 2 vs 0 Green (Ed, Dan)

    Mixed 1 vs 1 Red

    Team Wins Points
    Red 2 7
    Blue 2 6
    Mixed 0 2
    Green 0 1

    All four teams showed their knowledge of the game with great tactical decisions being made before and during each game. With most of the teams focusing on attacking and trying to outscore their opponent this saw meant that the tournament had many goals scored with great attacking flair being showed by all.

    The Red team took the title with 2 wins and a draw, with the blue team finishing second with 2 wins.

    IMG 0088

    Tournament 2 - Results

    Red 0 Vs Blue 1 (Henry)

    Green 0 vs Mixed 2 (Jamie, Rhiannan)

    Reds 1 vs Green 1 (India), (Iris)

    Mixed 3 vs 3 Blue (Rhiannan x2, Jamie) Henry x2,)

    Reds 2 vs 3 Mixed

    Green 1 vs 0 Blue 

    Team Wins Points
    Mixed 2 7
    Green 1 4
    Blue 1 4
    Red 0 1

    The mixed bibs team ended up top of the table in tournament 2 with 7 points. Overall the tournament was played in a sporting manner with great sportsmanship shown by all. The mixed team were helped by their superb teamwork.

    All the teams showed excellent attacking intent which led to many goals being scored by all teams. All the games in tournament 2 were exciting due to the attacking view of the team.

  • We have some very exciting plans being developed for our playground! 

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have been working with a group of Year 5 children on drawing up some plans of our larger playground space and planning how to put it to best use for all children. The group have measured the whole playground, drew a plan to scale and have generated many ideas of how to use the area. 

    Although still only at the idea stage, we are now actively pursuing some of the suggestions put forward by the children as they had some brilliant ideas! Some of these include: a shelter for quiet space that could be used for reading or drawing; turning some grassed areas into hard ground so that it can be used all year round; many new small resources to increase all children's active involvement at lunchtimes and even a suggestion of a multi use games arena! 

    We are so lucky that we have an incredibly active PTA in FTS that they have agreed to support us with this development as well as the Souster Trust. We really are dreaming big and hope that we can make some of it a reality! 

    We shall keep you updated with our developments! 

  • Our Sainsbury’s School Games Mark has just been validated for silver! To earn this mark we had to showcase many different elements of our sporting culture at Trinity, which has been recognised by the School Games. Amongst these included: attending and competing in a variety of level 2 competitions across sports such as cross country, athletics and cricket (the events we have attended at Prince William and other venues); demonstrating the values of the games; hosting a series of level 1 games internally, including tag rugby with classes competing against one another and of course promoting leadership through our excellent sports crew members from last year! We also increased the number of children attending clubs and started our Change 4 Life Club to encourage all pupils to be active and healthy.

    A huge thank you goes to the parents of Trinity for supporting us in this. Firstly for sending the children to our clubs so they can experience sport and secondly for taking the time and effort to bring the children and others to compete in competitions outside Trinity. Not forgetting the fantastic support at these competitions too!

    Going for Gold

    This year we would like to go one step further and go for our gold mark. To do this we will be doing more sporting competitions inside of school along with setting up a variety of different clubs for the children to experience, in some cases for the first time! In addition we will be looking to set up formal ties with sports clubs around the area. This is where we could really use your help. If you are a member of any sporting club personally and think a School Club link could be beneficial for you then please contact me and we can go over some of the details involved.

    Thank you once again for all the support over the last year and beyond.

    Mr Marshall

  • Today our new Sports Crew put on their very first activity of the year in a 3 legged obstacle course! The crew lead this brilliantly and the children who took part definitely seemed to enjoy themselves. Sports Crew decided this would be an excellent start to our year of activity as it promotes one of our School Game Values in teamwork. Children learned very quickly what happened when you didn't work as a team, as our very own sports crew demonstrated on a couple of occasions! 


    This was a great start to Sports Crew this year and we look forward to working together for gold at the end of year!


    IMG 0924

  • Last Wednesday the children from Trinity Y3 and Y4 took part in a sports hall athletics competition up at Prince William school. The children competed with over 16 teams on two days doing various events including the speed bounce, chest push, target throw, standing long jump and finally the 10x10m relay. The children were absolutely fantastic and pushed themselves hard to succeed, with both excellence and determination from our Olympic values on show! There were some truly massive jumps on the long jump and even a 7m long chest push which amazed the young leaders from Prince William. 

    Once again a huge thank you to the parents who supported us especially in the circumstances, these events could not happen without you.

    And of course a massive congratulations to all those who took part, you did yourselves and the school proud!

    Here are a selection of the photos from the competition for you to enjoy.

    Trinity Sportshall Athletics 1Trinity Sportshall Athletics 2Trinity Sportshall Athletics 3Trinity Sportshall Athletics 4Trinity Sportshall Athletics 5Trinity Sportshall Athletics 7


  • Tag Rugby

    Year 3 and 4 had tag rugby on Monday 5th ofYear 3 and 4 had tag rugby on Monday 5th of February. This was to support their level 1 games competitions and to get everyone involved in school sport. They all enjoyed it and Jack said that it was fun and exciting. They were put into their house teams- Cedar, Willow, Ash and Oak- and played around 6 games of tag rugby. Our sports crew, were the people who organised this event and did an amazing job. Year 5 and 6 and KS1 were supposed to do it as well, but it was too wet on the field, so it has been rescheduled until after half term.

    On the playground, they were playing lots of different skill activities with each other. Sophie and Connor in year 5, were the monitors of these activities.George in year 4 said: “It was one of the best school activities that he has ever took part in and it was amazing!” Lots of other children said that they would definitely want to do something like that again.


    IMG 1188IMG 1189IMG 1190IMG 1191IMG 1192IMG 1193IMG 1194IMG 1195IMG 1196IMG 1198IMG 1199IMG 1200IMG 1204IMG 1205IMG 1206IMG 1208IMG 1207IMG 1209

    led until after half term.

  • Y1 & Y2 TAG RUGBY

    On Monday, sports crew held a tag rugby tournament involving skill games and outdoor matches. This was led by sports crew with some support from Mr Marshall.

    Y1 & Y2 split up into their house teams. Group 1 and group 2   did the indoor skill games first. Group 1 did bulldog with a twist that was led by Connor while Group 2 did a relay race led by Eleanor.

    We interviewed Mr Marshall who helped sports crew, he said:

    We did four indoor skill activities and I think the sports crew did well. We are thinking to do a cricket or football tournament. Also, in around 2 weeks we are doing a netball tournament for year 6’s and some year 5’s.

    We interviewed Sophie from sports crew and she said:

    Sophie said she enjoyed knowing that younger children like and enjoy sports.

    We interviewed Alexzander and he said: he liked passing to his mates and other people in the event

    We interviewed Annabelle and she said: she enjoyed all of it because she liked playing sports with her friend’s.

  • YEAR 5 & 6 TAG RUGBY

    On Tuesday the 28th of February, Year 5 & 6 had a tag rugby tournament ran by sports crew. Sadly, it was cut of 10mins early, dew to the sudden temperature drop.

    Firstly, Oak and Willow had a match out on the playground (ran by Sophie and Max) while Cedar and Ash did skills in the school hall (ran by Conner, Neven, Katy and Eleanor). Then all the houses swapped to do a different thing.

    Inside Conner ran a successful game of bull dog and many people found it the best inside game for a cold day. On the other side of the hall Katy and Eleanor ran a passing game to encourage team work as well as better skills.

    Each house played against each other in a great game of tag rugby out on the play ground but in the end it got to cold.

     We asked Year 5 and 6 what they thought about the afternoon . This is what we got!

    Millie Grace: It was fun but cold.

    Amber: Sports crew handled it well.

    Millie: I enjoyed it.