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During our celebration assembly today, we discovered that we have some competition winners in our current year 3 class. When they were in year 2, the children entered a young writers competition and many of the pieces of writing were selected for publication! We can’t wait to see the book at school!

Also, we have a few children who completed the reading challenge over the summer!

Fantastic achievements – keep up the good work!

Not us!! We have had a great first day back at Trinity! Years 1 to 4 were very excited as they entered their new classrooms for the first time this morning. The smell of freshness is warming and welcoming.

The new block is very spacious and incredibly quiet! Despite nearly 100 children occupying the classrooms, standing in the corridor you do not hear the activity happening behind the walls. This all makes for high levels of concentration and a super learning environment. The classrooms look very attractive having been dressed immaculately well by our teachers.

Our Year 5s and 6s were not left out of the excitement though! They arrived to school having been granted their wish to have lockers in their cloakroom. Very excitedly they hurried in to get their allocation and fill it up! These lockers are not to provide security for any belongings as this is not necessary – they are simply to give the children a sense of responsibility and ownership of their own space. The children will be required to keep their key in school but are welcome to bring in a key ring to personalise their key.

Still, at least two more weeks worth of work on the hall extension but a very successful day back at school.