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This morning, our behaviour ambassadors led our collective worship on anti-bullying as part of our activities throughout this week. 

They had planned and written the session by themselves and delivered it to the school, sending some key messages. 

The children across the school took away that being unkind to someone Several Times On Purpose (STOP) could be seen as bullying that person and you need to do something about it - Start Telling Other People (STOP)! 

The behaviour ambassadors shared a video with us that told Lara's Story - find it below:

Thankfully it was a happy ending to Lara's story, which is based on a true story, and we can learn that telling other people will help us deal with any issues we may have.  

 cyberbullying image

This week is anti-bullying week so we are going to tell you a bit about cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is wrong and people could be really hurt by it. It is when offensive people damage people's feelings and self-esteem online, making them feel insignificant and unimportant.

People could do it anywhere e.g. phones, laptops, ipads, computers and even on games consoles.

Top tips to stop cyberbullying!

1. Don't respond or it could get worse.

2. Block the bully so they don't keep on doing it.

3. Save the evidence by printing it out or taking a screenshot.

4. Report them on the website before they do it to someone else.

5. Tell an adult you trust about it like your parents or your teacher.


From your Trinity Media Correspondents

On Thursday 2nd November, Year 6 went to Flag Fen as part of their topic work on Stone Age to Iron Age.  They explored the site and found out about the archaeological discoveries at, or near to, the site.  These included a long, wooden causeway approximately one kilometre in length, as well as wooden log boats and other Bronze Age artefacts found a few miles away.  The children were fascinated to see part of the causeway and the boats that are being currently preserved.  They also enjoyed storytelling in the Bronze Age roundhouse.  In the afternoon, the children acted as experimental archaeologists - making clay pots, and field archaeologists - sorting artefacts into the correct Age.

In science this week year 4 had great fun learning about the 3 states of matter. First they worked in groups to discuss and sort materials into either solids, liquids or gases. Then we went outside to act out how the particles were arranged in each of the states. Can you guess from the pictures which is which?