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The payment of extended services is through the use of credits. This means that parents will buy ‘credits’ in small amounts or larger blocks and ‘spend as you attend’. Larger blocks of credits come with discounts and unspent credits can be rolled over whilst your child attends the school.  We however will not be issuing refunds when your child leaves the school, unless an special agreement is made with the Headteacher.

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At Trinity we offer our own extended child-care provision from 8am to 5.30pm every day.  The children that attend othe before and after school provision absoluetly love it and often want to stay rather than go home! The activities on offer are varied, offer children experiences that they would normally handle outside of school and have been praised by Northamptonshire County Council's childcare department. This provision is in addition to the huge range of before and after school clubs and activities we have at Trinity delivered by the teachers and various external providers.

Parents sign up for sessions at the start of each seasonal term (September, January, April) and can choose all of the sessions or selected sessions in the morning or after school every week to suit their needs.  There is no minimum number of sessions and we are also able to accommodate single sessions on an ad-hoc basis if needed and there is space in the session.  The sessions are extremely competitively priced and you can benefit from even better deals if you buy your credits in bigger bulks. The children will receive breakfast at the breakfast club and a wholesome and nutrcious snack at the after school club, all within the price you pay. Bundles for breakfast club are available at £15 for 5 or £62.50 for 25 and after school club bundles are available at £50 for 5 or £200 for 25. Children can attend part sessions as well for half the price (terms and conditions apply). Please contact the school for more details on pricing.  



For a full list of clubs currently being delivered or planned to be delivered at school, please click here