Welcome to Santiago Class

Welcome to Santiago class named after the capital of Chile! Santiago is a beautiful city surrounded by the Andes mountains, situated in the south west of the country. It was chosen for our topic of the passport to Americas, being one of the largest capital cities on the continent!


Class teachers and other supporting adults.

Class teacher: Mr Marshall

Teaching assistant: Mrs Molsher

French teacher on Tuesdays: Mrs Freeman

P.E Teacher on Tuesdays: Mr Muggleton



Mondays: All reading records in to be checked and handed back. Book changing day.

Tuesday: PE and French in the afternoon (taught by Mr Muggleton and Mrs Freeman respectively.

Wednesday: Book changing day. Homework due in.

Thursday: Swimming day in the afternoon until Christmas/ P.E after Christmas.

Friday: Guided reading, reading records needed. Homework sent out.


PE Days

Tuesday: Normal kit required. Led by Mr Muggleton.

Thursday: Swimming until Christmas. Swimming kit and towel required. All children to be issued with hats. Normal P.E after Christmas, led by Mr Marshall.


Parent Invite Days

5th December: Americas Aid Fundraiser- A collection of fundraising activities for the children’s chosen causes in the Americas.

31st January: Class Assembly

22nd March: Egyptian Museum- A collection of artefacts, letters and other pieces for display, created by the children.


Topics being studied throughout the year

Passport to Americas- A topic focusing on the continents of the Americas, exploring the physical and human Geography of the various regions, covering elements including: the structure of the continent of the Americas, Investigating climates and how these affect the landmass, discovering the different festivals across the continent including Carnival and Dia de los Muertos. In addition we shall explore current issues within the Americas such as fair trade, deforestation and poverty.

Egypt- Focussing on the country of Egypt during the ancient period, discovering the lifestyles of the ancient Egyptians through various means such as archaeology, investigating the language of hieroglyphics and delving the ancient tombs of the pharaohs.

London through the ages- A focus on the ever changing face of the capital city through the recent ages of the city, celebrating the transformation of entertainment through to modern day, how tourism has evolved through the years and how the people of London coped throughout years of challenge.


Class points

These will be collected as marbles in a jar, working towards a class treat decided by the children. Class points will be awarded for outstanding team work within lessons, working together conscientiously and supporting each other inside and outside of the class.



Homework will be released on Fridays and will be collected again on Wednesday and will include:

  • One short task for maths, English or another subject to last no more than 20 minutes
  • Spellodrome spelling practice, focusing on the spelling patterns being practiced that week.
  • 20 minutes of TT Rockstars, tables will be edited depending on the focus.
  • Reading throughout the week. We ask the children to try to record in their reading diary anything that they read to foster a love of reading


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