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A huge thank you to all the members of the choir (and their parents) for your performances in the wider community this weekend.


Aldwincle Pre-school Christmas Shopping event

On Saturday 3rd December, the school choir sang carols to support the Aldwincle Pre-school Christmas Shopping event.


St Nicholas Church, Islip

On Sunday 4th December, the choir sang as part of a wonderful service to celebrate St Nicholas Day.  Thank you to Rev. Nolan Robson and the congregation at St Nicholas Church, Islip for making us feel so welcome.

A very big turn out for the FTS wreath making event this evening - a lovely atmospheric event, accessible to all with the guarantee of feeling successful by the end! A huge assortment of items to decorate your wreath with from holly and berries to cinnamon sticks and gingerbread men! 

Thats not forgetting the gorgeous winter spiced, warm fruit juice and an amazing array of festive treats too! Thank you FTS, another truly great event! 

Y4 have been studying the 5 pillars of Islam this term, and today, they had the exciting opportunity to visit the Wellingborough Mosque. 


Mosque Y42016 Outside

First the children entered the Mosque, (which looked almost ordinary from the outside, apart from the tell-tale green dome and crescent moon). They then quietly followed the Mosque’s etiquette to take off shoes before entering.

Mosque Y42016 Shoe rack


Inside they were fascinated to see many of the items we had discussed during RE lessons, such as the Sajjada (prayer mats) that all faced the direction of Makkah in Saudi Arabia, the tasbeehs (prayer beads that are for reciting the 99 names of Allah) and the beautiful Arabic writing.

Mosque Y42016 PrayermatsMosque Y42016 Tazbees2


Children spent a little time drawing the floor plan and formulating questions. Most of year 4 were very keen to see the wudu area, where Muslims wash before prayers. As the wudu area, in this newly furbished Mosque, wasn’t entirely ready, they were allowed only to have a peep. However this was more than enough to satisfy the curious and eager learners. They were similarly enchanted when some of them were lucky enough to spot the Mosque manager carry out a prayer in one corner of the room.

Mosque Y42016 HeadscarfMosque Y42016 Gp2Mosque Y42016 Gp4Mosque Y42016 Wudu

The children had an interactive session with Imam Safe, who normally leads Mosque prayers in Northampton, and had joined us especially to guide us around the building. The year 4, all had very pertinent questions that deepened their understanding of Islam and were able to answer all of Imam Safe’s questions accurately from learning that they had done in class. (I’m proud of you Year 4 for remembering so much…well done!). They particularly enjoyed climbing onto the Imam’s Mimbar (wooden stepped stand) and examining the Arabic writing in the Qur’ans (which read back to front and right to left). The Imam then invited the children to quiz him with biblical names that they knew so that he could show them where they were in the Qur’an. This showed firstly, how well some children knew the Old and New Testament of the Bible and it showed the class that Christianity is related to Islam.

Mosque Y42016 Imam showing MimbarMosque Y42016 Jonty Jack on Mimbar


Mosque Y42016 QuranArabic

Imam Safe finished the session with a PowerPoint, showing photos of various Mosques in the UK and of spectacular Mosques that he had visited in Pakistan.

We were all very disappointed to have to leave; we would gladly have stayed another hour! Upon our return, all the children gave their thumbs up for the visit and in fact they said that they ‘loved it!’

On 18th November 2016, all our pupils and staff were involved in raising money for BBC Children In Need Appeal 2016.We wore our own clothes including spotty clothing to raise money. We invited villagers to look at our wonderful classrooms and to have a hot drink and cake.

In the afternoon, each class had a cake sale and was involved in exciting ‘Children in need’ themed activities in their classrooms.

Thank you to parents for making cakes, donations and joining your child/children in the afternoon. Each class held a competition of how much money they could raise. Year 5 raised the most.

As a school we raised £543.09 for Children in Need! Well done Trinity C E Primary School.

Thank you to the Church and Community ambassadors for organising this day.

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