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Although our week is drawing to a close, our day was still full of exciting activities.

To begin with the dragonflies went to the high and low ropes course. Once again so many children faced their fears, congratulations to Hannah and Ruby H who made it all the way to the top pedestal!

Meanwhile, the grasshoppers were working on some team building exercises, including the memory maze, tree anchoring and rescuing a bucket of precious cargo from the centre of a pool of lava using only ropes!

After lunch everybody had some time to reflect on what they had done so far by writing in their wildchild journals. Then it was time for some more games on the field, including cat and mouse and human cluedo.

Finally, after dinner it was time for everyone's highlight of the week: the water fight! It was great to see everyone joining in and smiling as they soaked each other, Mrs George was particularly ruthless!

At our final campfire each group performed a song that they had been rehearsing, then they had the opportunity to do their best impressions of the instructors. Connor and Elliot had everyone in stitches!

So now the children are packing up their bags ready for tomorrow, denying all knowledge of the mystery sock in the corner of the tent and getting ready for their last night beneath the stars.

Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow!

Mrs Pickering, Mrs George and Mr Cole 

I can't believe that we have fitted so much into today!

After breakfast we had an archery competition, well done to Elliot for getting 3 in the gold with his first three arrows! Once that was done we had a crate stacking competition where the children made towers of milk bottle crates that one o their team members had to be standing on top of. Congratulations to Sam who got the highest score of 24 crates, almost reaching the all time record of 27! Maeve wasn't far behind, but her tower came crashing down after 23, although at least Mr Cole caught it on video!

Following lunch it was time for the zip line, so many children conquered their fear and leapt off the platform, making some very interesting poses (and facial expressions) on the way down!

Shortly after we headed to the abseiling Tower where everyone achieved their personal goal. Some children attempted some additional challenges such as performing heads shoulders knees and toes or swapping shoes with a partner whilst dangling in mid-air.

Amazingly, now that we have finished our roast dinner it is time for yet more activities as we split to do drama races and brave the toboggan run.

I wonder what tomorrow will hold?

Mrs Pickering, Mrs George and Mr Cole

Apologies for the delay on posting, it has been tricky to find enough signal!

Yesterday started with a lovely breakfast of bacon, toast, beans, cereal fruit and yoghurt so we were all fully fueled for an action packed day!

In the morning, both groups attempted to make it as high as they could up the climbing wall, using every fingertip to claw that little bit closer to the top. Following that, we ventured deep underground into the wet cramped tunnels for potholing. We were so proud of so many children who supported their peers, especially Holly who put aside her own fears to help Mr Cole when he got stuck!

After our lovely lunch of pizza, it was time for our bushcraft and survival session where the children made their own shelters, lit fires, roasted marshmallows and even napped flint to create blades to whittle with! Everybody learned so many new skills and many said it was their favourite activity so far!

Luckily the marshmallows weren't too filling, so there was plenty of room for the fajitas or chilli for dinner. Then it was up to the field to play some games while the big match was going on. After we heard that it was going to extra time around our campfire, the children got ready for bed whilst Mr Cole climbed a tree to get some 4g. Once the children gathered around we listened together as England finally won a penalty shootout!

Understandably, the children were a bit excited as they entered their tents but all got a good night's sleep again ready for even more activities on Wednesday.

Mrs Pickering, Mrs George and Mr Cole

Unfortunately, staff have been unable to get strong enough signal to post a blog about day 2 of their trip. 

However, I have spoken to them and they continue to thoroughly enjoy their time. Many children have been conquering their fears and the instructors have commented that they have been the best group they have ever had! What amazing words to hear! 

Although they haven’t had strong enough signal to blog, Mr Cole did climb a tree in order to get enough 4G signal so they could all listen to the England penalty shootout! 

They have been constantly on the go and we’re very tired last night so slept very well! 

I’m sure they shall blog again once they have enough access to Internet.