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What and amazing day Year 5 had on Thursday! Mr Hunt came in from Unilever to deliver a brilliant science day to the children, all of whom were extremely excited! First we looked at microbes, how some are good for us and how harmful some can be, despite how amazing they look under a microscope. We then used a special cream to highlight how well we wash our hands, and it showed just how many spots we miss! After that we used dry ice to make ice cream using the extreme cold to freeze the mixture. The children also learned that too long under the ice and you end up with an ice cream brick! Finally the children were able to experiment launching water bottle rockets and changing their variables to get the furthest launch. A fantastic day all round!
A huge thank you goes to Mr Hunt, who was brilliant with the children from start to finish and provided all of the equipment to try these amazing experiments.

On Wednesday our freshly formed Year 6 Netball team, on the day of their first training session instead ventured off to Prince William to represent the school in the Netball tournament. Playing against Oundle and Kings Cliffe, the girls won both their games with an outstanding 6-1 win over Oundle and a narrow 1-0 victory over Kings Cliffe. This means that Trinity won the tournament and will be progressing forward onto county!


Another super - but tiring - day. The children tell me they've done over 20,000 steps on their fitbits! We had a superb visit to the railway museum, except for the part where our guide asked for a teacher volunteer for a demonstration and the children threw Mr Cole under the bus! 

Our visits to the Dig and Jorvik were also a great success and we managed avoid the torrential downpour before our walk back to Huntington house. Now we are tucking into a scrumptious dinner before quiz night!

Mr Cole and Mrs Dawe

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View the embedded image gallery online at:

The prefect way to start the day after a good night's sleep!