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Barclays Digital Eagles

To celebrate national coding week, Cardiff class joined schools from around the country, participating in a live coding event from the Barclays Digital Eagles. The children were practising their coding skills on scratch, adding coding blocks to a script for a hide and seek game that (almost!) everyone got to test out and play at the end.

The children loved working on the laptops and will hopefully be putting those coding skills to good use later in the year!

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The Trinity Media Crew have put together one last show to sum up what has been going on during the Summer term at Trinity.

Earlier this year, The Trinity Media Crew filmed a short drama about some of the dangers of sharing pictures online.

What would you do if you were one of the characters in this story?

Although our week is drawing to a close, our day was still full of exciting activities.

To begin with the dragonflies went to the high and low ropes course. Once again so many children faced their fears, congratulations to Hannah and Ruby H who made it all the way to the top pedestal!

Meanwhile, the grasshoppers were working on some team building exercises, including the memory maze, tree anchoring and rescuing a bucket of precious cargo from the centre of a pool of lava using only ropes!

After lunch everybody had some time to reflect on what they had done so far by writing in their wildchild journals. Then it was time for some more games on the field, including cat and mouse and human cluedo.

Finally, after dinner it was time for everyone's highlight of the week: the water fight! It was great to see everyone joining in and smiling as they soaked each other, Mrs George was particularly ruthless!

At our final campfire each group performed a song that they had been rehearsing, then they had the opportunity to do their best impressions of the instructors. Connor and Elliot had everyone in stitches!

So now the children are packing up their bags ready for tomorrow, denying all knowledge of the mystery sock in the corner of the tent and getting ready for their last night beneath the stars.

Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow!

Mrs Pickering, Mrs George and Mr Cole