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Vienna class have had a very active and interesting week with many different fun and exciting ways of learning.  In Science, we learnt about the circulatory system by practically becoming the heart, lungs, body and blood.  We had pieces of paper that were red on one side to show oxygenated blood and blue on the other to show deoxygenated blood.  As we ‘circulated’ around, the paper was swapped over to red in the lungs and blue in the body.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a visit from Mr Singh who told us lots of information about Sikh beliefs.  We learnt about the 5Ks and how these remind Sikhs about the importance of equality and respect.

On Thursday and Friday, we made the most of the sunshine and outside space for PE, Music and Maths.  In music, we continued to practise our African ‘Hatsiatsia’ and in Maths, we created large number lines involving negative numbers on the playground and used these to solve problems, including identifying where numbers were and the difference between a negative and positive number.

Finally, we learnt about networks in ICT by forming human networks using string and paper to send messages.

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Barclays Digital Eagles

To celebrate national coding week, Cardiff class joined schools from around the country, participating in a live coding event from the Barclays Digital Eagles. The children were practising their coding skills on scratch, adding coding blocks to a script for a hide and seek game that (almost!) everyone got to test out and play at the end.

The children loved working on the laptops and will hopefully be putting those coding skills to good use later in the year!

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The Trinity Media Crew have put together one last show to sum up what has been going on during the Summer term at Trinity.

Earlier this year, The Trinity Media Crew filmed a short drama about some of the dangers of sharing pictures online.

What would you do if you were one of the characters in this story?