What does it look like for each year group?

These 2 images below show what the curriculum looks like for each Key Stage. The first image explains the ocntent in a little more detail whereas the second image shows the topic titles taught across each year group. (Click an image to see a larger version).

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What is our approach to the teaching of computing?

At Trinity we follow the iCompute scheme which provides a comprehensive computing curriculum, covering all the objectives of the National Curriculum. It involves a mastery approach, where children are given the chance to apply the skills and knowledge they learn to a variety of real world scenarios. 

How often is the subject taught in each year group?

Generally, children will receive approximately an hour of computing each week following the iCompute scheme. However, Ipads and laptops are also used in other areas of the curriculum, giving children the opportunity to apply and develop their skills. For example, typing a persuasive letter in English, researching a historical culture in Topic, or creating pieces of artwork using cameras and computer software.

Who is responsible for teaching the subject?

All class teachers teach computing to their classes.

How can more information be gathered if required?

If you would like more information about computing, then head to the BBC bitesize guides. They explain some of the different terminology the children need to learn and deal with some FAQ using helpful videos and fact files.

KS1 site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zyhbwmn

KS2 site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zvnrq6f

Alternatively, you can come and speak to Mr Cole, the computing lead here at Trinity.