preschoolThe Pre-School is situated within Trinity C.E. Lower School grounds. It is a small pre-school with a maximum of 16 children per morning session and 12 children per afternoon session. The afternoon sessions are for those children who are starting school in the coming academic year. We have access to a safe outdoor play area with a good selection of outdoor toys.

The pre-school offers a caring, friendly environment where the children have great fun learning through play. Singing the register everyday is something the children enjoy very much and it is not long before they start to recognise their own name on name cards. Snack time is a chance for the children to discuss likes and dislikes, learning to share, take turns, to count and to be polite. We encourage the children to always say "Please" and "Thank you".

Each session the children are encouraged to take part in a creative activity, for example, using materials to make a collage, making models and pictures. These activities provide opportunities for the children to cut, stick and paint. The children are proud and excited to take their creations home to show parents and carers.