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To simplify our blog updates, we now present all of our blog updates here on this page! If you wish to filter posts please use the tags. For example to see all the blog posts for Year 3 only, click a Year 3 tag on any of the posts. 

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny walk around Aldwincle looking for different materials and homes to inspire our own 'dream home' design.

This afternoon, Year 6 had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Harkirat Singh to our classroom in order to learn more about the Sikh way of life.  Mr Singh taught us some of the history about how Sikhism began and about the key values of Respect and Equality.  We learnt more about the 5Ks which include Kesh, Kara, Kangha, Kirpan and Kachera.  We all found it extremely informative and had fun playing 'Mr Singh says' and Hangman.

This week in RE we have been looking at how Muslims pray. We explored different Islamic prayer artefacts and predicted what they might be used for, before watching a video where a Muslim child explained about prayer in Islam. Can you remember what the different artefacts are and what they are used for?

Once again this year our school descended upon Prince William School field to take part in the annual cross country races. The first impressive statistic is a huge 37 children attended this year so a huge thank you to all parents who enabled the children to take part. All of the children showed fantastic drive and determination in running their races, with Ellie finishing a very impressive 2nd in the KS1 race and several boys high finishers in the Year 4 race. There was also fantastic displays of friendship on show, with children helping each other to finish and refusing to run off, even with some children from another school. Despite the hills and in most cases very long distance all of the children did exeptionally well and finished at least one lap with our school value of perserverance in abundance.

Thank you again for all of the support from the parents. These events can't happen without you and the children.