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In science this week year 4 had great fun learning about the 3 states of matter. First they worked in groups to discuss and sort materials into either solids, liquids or gases. Then we went outside to act out how the particles were arranged in each of the states. Can you guess from the pictures which is which?


Dear Parents and Carers,


We would like to inform you that you will shortly be receiving a letter explaining about E-safety inside and outside of school.

Please read through the acceptable use policy with your child/children and ensure they thoroughly understand their responsibilities.

Once you have completed the above, please sign and return the parent copy of the acceptable use policy, and get your child to sign the KS2 version and return these to the school as soon as possible.


Yours Sincerely,


Trinity Media Correspondents


(Logan D, Hannah W, Courtney G, Elizabeth E, Rhys A, Maisie A and Mr Cole)

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny walk around Aldwincle looking for different materials and homes to inspire our own 'dream home' design.

This afternoon, Year 6 had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Harkirat Singh to our classroom in order to learn more about the Sikh way of life.  Mr Singh taught us some of the history about how Sikhism began and about the key values of Respect and Equality.  We learnt more about the 5Ks which include Kesh, Kara, Kangha, Kirpan and Kachera.  We all found it extremely informative and had fun playing 'Mr Singh says' and Hangman.