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The year 4 children have worked really hard over the last few weeks to research and create a model about one aspect of Saxon or Viking life. On Wednesday afternoon, they brought them in to share with the rest of the class. I was so impressed with the effort that everyone went to and I was amazed by some of the facts they had written to accompany their models. It was great to see the children enthusiastically sharing their creations with their class mates, you should all be really proud with what you accomplished.

Well done!

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Our final day dawned in a cold and rather drizzly morning however there was no time to lament the weather as it was all go in our block! After managing to rouse the children following an also lot of coersion and, well, bright lights we began packing and taking our rooms apart ready to leave them when we had breakfast. The children did an excellent job of sorting out their rooms with all of them left in an excellent state for the next children lucky enough to head to Beech Lodge!

Onto breakfast where again the children loaded up on toast and cereal before heading back to the lodge for one last time. The last room inspection was conducted, and due to a late surge in tidiness, both girls teams came in for joint second! However, the winners were Extreme Exercise by 1 solitary point! An excellent effort from all of the rooms over the week made it really difficult to split them. When that had been announced we headed out to the main room, leaving our lodge behind.

The first activities followed which for my group was indoor climbing! Some excellent climbing on display all the way through with Koen showing his talents at bouldering and many of the children making it to the top of the wall. Alexis and Anastasia both had...interesting ways of climbing which consisted of falling off so they dangled in the harness and then swinging back to the next rock. Effective, and very funny to watch! Alexander and Will also did an excellent job at scaling the wall and Olek challenged himself even further, channeling his inner spider monkey to scale one of the most difficult walls!

After that a hasty change into some waterproofs and out into the elements we went with the rain ensuring if any children had missed their morning shower they certainly wouldn't by the end of the day. On we trudged through the mud until we reached the dreaded walk the plank! A brief exercise on people we trust most with cards was done. A little concerning was the amount of people like doctors and policemen that came low on the list with the children explaining that they could be secret spies and therefore can't be trusted. There's logic in there somewhere...I just haven't found it yet.

Finally onto the dreaded plank with all of the Trinity children braving it first! Ruby was the first to have a little dip in the water, sliding a boot off the plank and into the pond. Then Anastasia decided to go one better flinging both her feet down and landing squarely in the water, drenching herself as she went! Then came the boys... it started very wobbly with many near misses headed off by the swift grab of an instructor. Eventually the inevitable fall happened, with Francis slipping and taking George and Koen with him, leading to an almighty splash and three very wet children.

A big thank you to the instructors later and we headed up to get dry, everyone changing into a spare set of clothes after their numerous dunkings. Into lunch next to a thoroughly healthy pizza and chips which of course the children absolutely loved. A big happy birthday to Alexis later and off we went to gather our things, ready to meet all of you!

It has been a joy working with the children on this residential and they have done themselves proud! Thank you all for supporting them to be there in the first place and providing them with the kit, and also a huge thank you to both Rock UK who once again were incredible and also the staff from Titchmarsh and Warmington school who made the trip what it was and especially Miss G and Mrs Toyne, creating all of the packs ready for us to go.

Mr M

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What a day it has been here at the Frontier Centre! Apologies for the late post, small technical hitch with photos which I promise will be published as soon as possible! Onto the roundup!

We started bright and early this drizzly morning, rousing ourselves at 7:15am to begin our day, hastily jumping out of our pyjamas and into our proper clothes ready for the day ahead. Following a highly impressive room inspection number 2 we popped into the dining area to fill up on toast and cereal. In some cases much toast and cereal. For little people they can certainly demolish!

Once fed and watered it was time to begin the activies with a fresh fervour! Archery for the mighty group 2 was served up first so down we marched through the drizzle to Tim, our bearded leader to begin our session. We were shown exactly how to fire a bow and arrow along with the safety rules (pointing it along the line of people bad, pointing it at the target, good) the children began channeling their inner Robin Hood and let loose at the target. Despite a slightly lacklustre start the children soon found their rhythm with Olek in particular really getting the hang of firing the arrows into the high scoring bits of the targets!

The maze came next, but first we had to navigate a minefield which looked awfully like a few slabs of concrete, but which taught the children that choices are very important, especially when navigating imaginary landmines. Onwards to the maze we marched with the children darting about brilliantly to uncover the clues to the statements about our resilience and perserverance, a theme which ran through the day! 

Lunch followed, and after some jacket spuds we were fuelled and ready for a short break, the children enjoying some well deserved down time and rest before another activity in the afternoon! During the break, and to my great joy I discovered that Eggbert II had been safely guided to the ground by Koen and his group. The legend of the egg lives on!

Once completed we split and again I headed with archery, this time with group 3, while Mrs Gibson headed off to abseiling! We'll begin with archery and speaking of Robin Hood, I believe we may have found a direct rival with Frank notching some truly superb shots! One was extremely close to the tiny x in the centre of the bullseye, needing closer inspection to check it hadn't hit home. All of the children showed our school value of perseverance in spades as they continued to keep trying until they landed arrows on the target. On the other side we had our abseilers with many of the children doing absolutely brilliantly! Particularly wonderful to watch was Eva and Anastasia going down together with one offering the encouragement to the other which truly shows what this trip is about!

All that excitement warranted another break where the children made the most of the improving conditions to have a few games of tag and frisbee out on the grass with Mrs Gibson and I watching on with the matchsticks firmly in our eyelids! However it really is a joy to see the children in such a light, playing and having fun without a care!

After dinner which was a cracking chicken roast we ventured out for our campfire with Miss G. The flames kept us nice and toasty (and pretty smokey) while we sang songs about many many things, including a lovesick eskimo, Miss Gs unfortunate pet frog, a slightly illtreated bumblebee and of course, Harry Potter otters, Force using horses, bees with sunburned knees among other crazy things! Just before the end a banana eating competition took place with spectacular efforts with Dylan being fed by Alexander at such a pace that he couldn't help but win and Olek trying the same for George, however realising that it does help to peel the banana before jamming it into someones mouth!

All of the children are all soundly asleep as I write this and this residential has been a joy so far. The children are all missing the parents but have had a fantastic time!

Thank you again for following our escapades,

Mr M, barely live from the Frontier Centre

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Hi everybody!

We have landed safe and sound at the Frontier Centre and have already had an afternoon packed full of exciting activities! First we met our fellow schools at the centre and ate our lunch outside as a picnic to enjoy the absolutely stunning weather (while we can!) and then had a very brief little chat before heading into our rooms! The children were all very excited to get into the bunk beds and many laid claim to the top bunk...before realising these are much harder to put covers on. Some rather hilarious wrestling ensued between children and covers but unfortunately the covers won the day.

Once the battle of the beds was done we headed off for our first activities, which for my group was the Mission Impossible! We began trying to transport a ball down a hill in some guttering, with some excellent teamwork and a certain amount of luck giving success for one team! Next was a hoop challenge, trying to pass all of a group through a hoop all while holding hands! Apart from a few knots for Barney and Dylan doing an excellent rhinoceros impression this was passed smoothly.  Less so the spiders web, with a couple of children trying many different ways to get through with very different results! Some excellent superhero like shots though...

Finally it was time to do our impossible mission; guide an egg safely to the ground from 20m up. A bin bag, string, tape, a cup and some tissue paper were all that separated our fragile egg, dutifully christened Eggbert, from certain scrambling. A clever plan was hatched. Use the bin bag as a parachute and safely lower Eggbert to the floor. A solid idea. However time was cruel and the parachute and cup combo were taken from us with only one string attached, our hopes pinned on Barney and Charlie taping him in. Sadly, a plummet to the floor later and there was no doubt Eggbert had not taken his fall well. Ah well.

After a delicious dinner which the children thoroughly enjoyed we had a bit of downtime to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, playing a few games of frisbee and tag out on the grass. Once we'd been to the tuck shop we entered into the quiz room where many famous faces appeared  around the room.  We mixed up with the other schools into teams and the quizzing began in earnest, with many children knowing most of the faces around the room, including the more obscure. Unfortunately no one knew David Beckham or Rio Ferdinand, so I think the golden generation of English football is long gone!

Finally we headed back to our lodge, changed and following a few quick games headed to bed where the children are now sleeping. It's been a fabulous first day with some wonderful moments! Please see below for all of the photos!

Mr M,

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