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Today we said a fond farewell to our class of 2017, our Year 6 children who have made history at Trinity. They have been the first class to spend their first 7 years of education at Trinity and from their performance today it seems as though they have enjoyed every minute of it! 

I was so proud of each and every one of them in their performance today and I know your parents were too! A performance that they had directed themselves from start to finish. It was very creative by taking us forward 20 years to their reunion in 2037, it was funny and most of all it gave them the opportunity to show their best memories and say thanks to the people they wanted to. 

Every member of this cohort has grown into a valued member of our community and their attitudes are exemplary of our school values. Yes, they have achieved very well academically, making exceptional progress from where they started. But more than that - they have learnt a lot from each other about being a good citizen, how to overcome challenges and are well prepared as they move on to the next stage of their life journey. 

Year 6 - you shall be missed, but as one of you quite rightly said in your reflection, it is now time to move on, face new challenges and learn lots more! 

Enjoy, stay positive and you will always be welcome to come and say hello! 

Mr Dainty


all y6

Wow – I can’t believe that it is the end of Day 4 already!  Groups 1 and 3 began this morning with a walk in the tunnels.  Everyone was very brave as it got REALLY dark and we had to lead each other along while scraping a stick along the wall to guide us.  Then this afternoon was the waterfall walk.  Group 2 were caving and orienteering today so now all groups have experienced six different activities.  All the children have been challenged to try new things and they have been great at working as a team and helping each other.  Parents, you can all be very proud and I am sure the children will be full of stories when they get home!  As I write this, all the children are enjoying a film and their ‘midnight snacks’ (yes they did have some left!)  Tomorrow, we have a trip to the Big Pit before heading home after lunch.  See you all then!  Sorry no photos yet today - they are all on different cameras and devices.  We will be collating all photos over the next few days and will be in a position to share more soon.

Well the weather improved today and we have had a great day caving, canoeing and orienteering.  Even Mrs Pickering went through the 'letterbox' in the cave and didn't get stuck!  We are looking forward to a talent show this evening.

It has been another busy day and typical Welsh weather but this has not hampered any of the activities.  Group 1 and 3 have enjoyed canoeing and bushcraft - even eating Buffalo Worms!  Group 2 went to the Tunnels and did a Waterfall Walk.  At the moment, I am only able to share photos that I have taken with my group.  Please be aware that we will be arranging to share more photos at the end of the week from all groups.  We are all looking forward to a Quiz Night and a relatively early night!